Sunday, September 28, 2008

Poor Frog...

I had bought a few toys for Oscar so that he would have something other than my furniture and such to chew on. He didn't seem to really take very well to those. I was reading a book that mentioned that for a puppy a stuffed animal is best as it is much softer. So, I had this stuffed frog from a while ago and I decided to pass it on to Oscar. For several days he just loved it. He would chew on the legs, but not rip anything. We forgot to put it in his crate one night after putting him to bed and he cried for hours until we figured out what was wrong. Well, I think that he is moving past his strong attachment to the frog because he has shredded the thing. At first it was one little tear one day and then the next day he started ripping out the stuffing. Finally he got to the point when he would stick his entire face in the frog searching for more stuffing to rip out. It was actually very entertaining. Tyson and I watched this behavior for days and enjoyed it quite a bit.
Unfortunately, now Oscar is a little down because the frog that he used to lay his head on as he slept it now just a flat mat with two large plastic eyes. Maybe I need to find something new for him...

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  1. Whatever you get next time, buy 3 or 4 of them.