Saturday, September 6, 2008

Update on our work in progress...

I always refer to our home as a work in progress. I guess that it is bound to be such when you buy a 93-year-old bungalow that has been sadly neglected. We love our house and we are thrilled at the progress that we are making on it. I thought that I might share what we have been working on over the past couple of weeks. First off, we finally got a back yard! Tyson went and picked up the sod and put it in on Thursday while I was at work. We have had a back dirt patch for the last couple of months, so as you can imagine I am thrilled to have grass back there finally. As you can see, we are setting up to put in a walk way, I'll have to get Tyson to finish that up before the winter comes.

Our next project was something that I have wanted to do since we bought the house but I couldn't do it on my own. Again, I put Tyson to work. We pulled out (yes, I did help) the old rose bushes that ran along the sidewalk and moved them over in front of the house. They were beautiful bushes, but I hated where they were located. Three of the bushes are over fifty years old so you can imagine how large they were. What a good husband I have. We started putting in a border to create some beds, but as you can see, it still isn't finished yet.

So, after he finished moving the roses Tyson tilled up the dead area around our front lawn and up where the rose bushes were (poor guy, never gets a break). The lawn was very uneven so we were able to level it all out and till under the dead weeds. Once we get back from our trip to Utah next week we'll put down some grass seed in the areas that we tilled up and also in the existing lawn to thicken it up a bit.Once Tyson finished tilling I put in a border along the front of the property to create a bed that was about half as wide as the old bed used to be (see, I help). Once I finished that I planted some new Nandina, heavenly bamboo shrubs that I believe we will like so much better. They aren't as thick and bless them, they are evergreen. Not really, the leaves turn red in winter, but they don't fall off until new green grown replaces them in the Spring. We went looking for five more because the ones we have are spaced out a little far, but every nursery in town is out of them. I guess we'll have to wait until Spring.Our other project that we just finished was putting in a bed on the southwest corner of our house. It was just kind of dead space so I thought a raised bed might look nice. I'm still not sure what all I will plant there, but I did find two beautiful hibiscus plants which I placed on each corner. I need to find a nice item to put in the back corner, if anyone has suggestions let me know. In front of this bed we'll continues the shorter bed that runs all the way around our house (or will once I finish putting in the border).

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