Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Getting Outside

It was another beautiful day! I don't want to jinx it, but I think that Spring might have finally shown up in Idaho, and not a moment too soon given that next week summer technically begins. Anyway, the nice weather means more time spent outdoors. We spent the morning at the park with our playgroup and then the afternoon was spent playing in the yard.

I snapped a few pictures this afternoon because, well, because I do that. I love to have pictures and my camera is always near me so it doesn't really take much effort.

I didn't put the stroller away right away which meant that it was the perfect seat for her to relax in.
Oscar killed Lily's last ball so we picked up a new one this afternoon and it is almost as big as she it!
She has really figured out kicking and kicks it all around the yard. Apparently this afternoon Lily could not do anything without keeping a firm grip on a puzzle piece.
Lily climbed up and asked to hold Lottie. She's getting better at it, but Charlotte still gets worried.
Our little blue-eyed girl! I'm amazed how well she tolerates lying in the grass.
She preferred when I helped her sit up though.
Baby toes!
Tomorrow promises to be another busy and fun day.

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