Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

We finally got some warm weather around here this weekend so we took full advantage of it. Saturday afternoon the girls and I went to Settlers' Park in Meridian. It is the best park, they have several HUGE playgrounds and splash pad that runs all summer long. I brought Lily a couple of times last year, but she was a little nervous about it last year, but this time she really enjoyed it.
Charlotte hates the sun in her eyes and was a little fussy so I wasn't really able to get any cute pictures of her.
Lily stuck with the smaller fountains, but even with the smaller fountains, she got more and more adventurous as time went on.
After playing in the water for a while Lily wandered over to the playground. This playground is AWESOME! The ground is recycled tires, but there is something soft underneath it so it is kinda bouncy.
She thought that this was a solid walkway and was unsure when it started wobbling.
Lily ran and ran all along these walkways for quite a while and was not thrilled about having to leave to go home.
Here's a short little video of Lily playing in the water. Maybe next time we go she will venture away from her one little fountain.

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  1. How fun! What a great add to the park -- looks like she's having a blast. We'll be in Meridian next week; maybe we'll take Mina and see you guys there!