Monday, May 30, 2011

The Garden is Finally Planted!

Well, it has been a cold Spring and so it has taken us longer than usual to get our garden planted. Everything is finally in the ground now, so if it will just warm up already they might start growing a little faster. We rearranged the garden this year, and expanded it a bit. I'm excited to watch it grow. We have already used some of our spinach. Fresh food out of the garden always tastes better.
My flowers are also starting to take off. This year I planted a lot of nasturtiums and they are just now starting to bloom.
My friend Holly sent me a few day lilies earlier this Spring. I wasn't sure how they would do after being mailed from Illinois, but they have taken root and are growing really well. I probably won't see any blooms this year, which is why I planted some zinnias and petunias around them, but next year they should be great.
And finally, I have the best husband. I mentioned that it might be cute to have a flower box below the window of the garage. Our house is very old (96 years-old to be exact) and the garage was added in the 30's and I'm pretty sure that these windows are original. Anyway, Tyson spent his days off building some new shelving units for the garage and used some left-over wood to build me this box. He also picked up some petunias while at the Home Depot. Isn't he great!
I'm so excited for July. By then the garden will be full, my flowers will be large and blooming, and hopefully it will finally be warm!

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