Wednesday, May 18, 2011


It was sunny for a while this afternoon, during nap time of course. By the time that Lily was awake it was cold and rainy again.

I bought some playdough a while back, but we hadn't gotten it out yet. I decided that today was the day and sat Lily up to the table and set it in front of her. She had no idea what to do with it, she figured that it was food and put some in her mouth (which gave me an idea about feeding her new foods, but that's another story). I showed her how to make a few things and then she was off!
She especially enjoyed smashing the things that I would make.
Here she is asking me to make another doggy. She had smashed the last one and wanted another.
She's checking out the rain outside.
A happy girl!
It really thought that by mid-may she could be spending every afternoon outdoors, but so far it has been raining all week so we are stuck inside waiting for the sun to come back to visit.

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