Friday, May 13, 2011

Lily's 2nd Birthday

Two years ago we started on the most amazing adventure!

On Tuesday May 12th, 2009 at 10:42 pm Lily Ann came into this world weighing just 6lb 12oz and measuring 20 in long. She had a bit of a rough time getting here, but she has been such a joy ever since.
Today Lily is measuring 32.5 in tall and weighing 30 pounds. She loves to play, especially outside, and is so adventurous. Lily is the best big sister that any little girl could ask for. While she doesn't care to speak much (even though she can) and refuses to eat nearly everything, we love her dearly and we are we so grateful to have her in our lives.

This morning Lily got to open her present. She was very excited to see the little cars and was amazed when I showed her the ramps.
It took a while for me to convince her to get dressed and eat breakfast because she wanted to play.
We took a little trip to the zoo since it was going to be a beautiful day and we thought that Lily would enjoy it.
Here she is checking out the tigers.
And waiting patiently for mom at the petting zoo. Charlotte was getting kind of grumpy and needed to take a break.
At first she was a little scared of the goats, but she liked the babies.
She was very excited to get to feed them. She loves to feed Oscar from her hand so she knew just what to do.
She got a little excited with the other animals. I guess that we need to work on staying behind the ropes and off of the fence.
After the zoo, because we were downtown, we stopped by Guido's Pizza to pick up some lunch and then went up to Camel's Back Park for a picnic. For the first time ever Lily took a bite of pizza. She actually had a few bites. Normally she just munches on the crust and leaves the rest.
I've decided that I need a pair of sunglasses like hers in my size.
Afterwards we came back home, had naps and then went outside to play. She hopped right back on her trike.
She loves to store things in the basket and figured out to have the flap down when carrying her doll and up for everything else.
When we came back in she got right back to playing with her cars and ramps.
For dinner I made her favorite foods and then of course birthday cake. I even made Lily her own mini-cake. She didn't understand blowing out the candle, she just wanted to touch it.
She seemed to like her cake though.
And she was very happy to find the lemon filling.
Overall it was pretty much a perfect day.

*This should have been posted on the 12th, but blogger was having issues so it is a day late.

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  1. Happy Birthday Lily! She is super cute! I love the little cake you made just for her!