Saturday, May 14, 2011

Of Toddlers and Tulips

Oh, the joys of gardening with a two-year-old!

Yesterday we were outside playing and I ran inside to take care of something. I came out a couple of minutes later and found a pile of tulip petals.
I thought it odd that this cluster would drop all of their petal all at once. I turned the corner and came upon this little scene.
Lily gleefully pulled off yet another petal and showed it to me.
Lily, in just a few minutes, had managed to pull the remaining petals off of nearly all of my tulips. Oh well, it was near the end of the season for them anyway.

It was perfect weather yesterday, the warmest day of the year so far. We spent a lot of time outside in the yard. Charlotte is still getting accustomed to the breeze.
She'll be happy if I hold her hand though.


  1. This is an adorable blog! And it's so nice to catch up with you, via Blogger. Beautiful family and I think it would be fun to just pull all the petals off the pretty flowers and enjoy them all at once. I'm with Lily. (Sorry, Mom!)

  2. That's cute and be glad it was just your tulips. My kids pulled all the flowers off my tomatoes last year. That was awesome.