Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Evenings

We spent this evening outside. It was a beautiful and busy day and when things calmed down a bit we went back outside to plant our tomatoes in the garden and a few more flowers in my beds. While Tyson and I worked Charlotte laid in her bouncy chair near us and Lily played in the yard. I looked up and saw her walking at me with two large tulips in her hands. She was so excited about them and she would not let them ago. I suppose that she finally figured out that the petals are prettiest on the flower rather than in a pile on the ground.
Here she is showing them off to her little sister.
Running around examining them.
A girl and her tulips.
She climbed up to the patio table and apparently expected dinner because she folded her arms for prayer.
Lily would not drop the flowers, not for anything. She wandered the yard the entire time that we were working in it holding on to her precious tulips.
My little Lottie just sitting in her chair watching her momma plant more flowers.
Tyson wanted to see how Charlotte liked the grass. She didn't.
Charlotte and daddy playing while I planted some more flowers.
This is part of the bed in front of our house. It is full of columbines (which have bloomed), daisies, poppies, hollyhocks, peonies, and a hydrangea there in the back. In the next month it is going to be full of blooms and I'm so excited to see it.
This is the bed running down the west side of our home. I'm working on getting a few things to put in behind the columbines.
Just a few of my many beautiful columbines. I love them. The shape of the flowers is just so dynamic and interesting.
I planted the bare root for this bleeding heart last year. It barely came up last year so I wasn't sure that it would survive, but it came in with full force this Spring. I just need to get a few things to plant around it so that it isn't so lonely.
I'm so excited to see how everything comes together over the next month.

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  1. Your grass looks really nice. I'm jealous.