Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer is finally here!

And not a day too soon, well I guess it came one day early as tomorrow is the official start of summer. But if the weatherman is to be believed (which honestly he never is) this next week should be full of beautiful warm weather.

Now that the weather is nice we have been spending our mornings at the park with friends and then our afternoons are usually spent at home, but we have the occasional outing. Last week we went with our playgroup to the zoo and today I took the girls to Lakeview Water Park in Nampa. I was very proud of myself for taking both girls swimming all by myself. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I was scared to death to do it, but we all survived and had a great time. I didn't get any pictures there because, well, my hands were full.

But we came home and continued with the water play on the back patio and I did manage to get a few pictures of that.

Charlotte is turning into such a big girl! I can't believe that she will be 4 months old in just one week.
She loves to be outside, but she gets very upset when the sun is in her eyes.
Lily loves to be outside as well, and she especially loves to wear her sunglasses.
She also loves the flowers. I made the mistake of letter her pick a bachelor button a few weeks back and now she wants to pick every flower.
I love my girl and her big pink ball.
Being outdoors has been so wonderful for the girl, but I think that I enjoy it even more than they do. It is amazing what some sunshine and exercise can do to improve your mood.

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