Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lily's Avengers

 Our Lily loves to draw.  She also has an amazing fascination with The Avengers.  I'm not quite sure how it started, but she loves them.  She loves them so much that she believes that we need to have a section at preschool where rather then learning about time, our bodies, and basic reading skills, we should learn about The Avengers.  This afternoon she was drawing and coloring while I worked on the laundry and when she was done she had a story to tell.  
From left to right you have Hawkeye, Ironman (see the thing in his chest), Black Widow, Captain America with his shield, Thor with his hammer, and the much larger Incredible Hulk.  Those three kids on the bottom are her friends Bruce, Brynley, and herself.  They are studying The Avengers in school.

She drew this all on the back of our irrigation tax statement.


  1. As someone who loves the Avengers and X-Men movies, I fully support this fascination! :) Cute drawing!