Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Flower Paintings

As one of our Advent activities in December we painted snowflakes and those paintings are still hanging on the wall in the girls' room.  Now that Spring has finally come we decided to celebrate with some new paintings.  We picked up some blank canvases this morning and I let the girls pick out some colors.  They were so excited to get started when we got home.
 We started out by painting the canvases pink.  They had two colors and blended them together as they covered their canvases.
 Once the paint dried we added the vinyl flowers that the girls each picked out as well as their names.
 Then it was time to paint over the top of it all with the purples that they had selected.
 Tonight when they were all dry we went down to their room and they selected a place to hang them.
 Aren't they cute!
 I love doing these projects with my kids, but maybe next time I'll pick a day when we have a little less going on.

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