Thursday, December 12, 2013

December 12: Painting Snowflakes

We were home bound today.  Charlotte is running a tiny fever and the car started making noises last night on our way home from dance class so I'm not packing my kids into it until Tyson has a few minutes to look it over.  I'm just not willing to risk breaking down in freezing temperatures with my 3 little ones in the car.  It is probably something minor, but I"m being careful.

We started on our calendar early today.  I guess that is what happens when you skip preschool and there is time.  Our scripture for today came from Matthew 3: 13-17.  In this passage Jesus approaches John the Baptist, asks to be baptized, and in doing so fulfills the will of the Father.  Christ was perfect, he had no need for baptism to redeem him from sin, however he set the path to follow and submitted to his Father's will.  Christ was obedient to God's laws.

Today for our activity we painted snowflakes.
 I let the girls pick out their favorite snowflakes for a font that I had and then cut them out in vinyl.  I put the vinyl on some 8x10 canvases and put out 4 different shades of blue for them to paint with.
 Lily set right to work.  She started by painting all around the vinyl snowflake, but not touching it at all.  It had to explain to her that she needed to cover all of the white and that it was okay to get paint on her snowflake.  Charlotte on the other hand started out painting all over her snowflake, but had no desire to do the area around it.  It took some convincing and even then I did a tiny bit of spot filling for her.
  When they had covered all of the white canvas, I pulled off the vinyl snowflakes.  Charlotte was very upset with me at first for pulling off her snowflake, she cried, she wanted it to stay on.  Some cuddling seemed to make it all better.
 After they were dry I took them outside, sprayed some spray adhesive on them, sprinkled some glitter, and then sprayed them with some clear sealant.  Charlotte was eager to mix the various blues together, much more than Lily, and I love how the color turned out.
They are now hanging on the wall in the girls' room.  They are loving them and had fun picking a place for them to hang.

We did most of our activity during Gideon's nap, so he sadly doesn't appear in any photos.  I'm excited for next year when he will be old enough to really get to participate.


  1. You amaze me! Can't wait till I have my own kiddos, I'll be coming to you for creativity!