Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 24- Christmas Eve

We missed a few days with our advent calendar this year.  Between traveling and everyone getting sick there just wasn't the time or energy to get everything done.  It is really rough for my OCD nature to accept that, but such is life I suppose.

Sunday we drove down to Salt Lake and promptly everyone was sick.  We had plans to go see the lights at Temple square on Monday night, but no one felt up to it so we stayed at grandma's and took it easy.  Tuesday went the same way, we just stayed in side and relaxed.  In the evening the kids were allowed to open their Christmas Eve gifts.
 Every year they are given a new ornament.  This year Charlotte got Cinderella.
 And Lily was given Rapunzel.
 This was Gideon's first time opening gifts and he was much more interested in the paper than the presents inside.
 His ornament was a pair of porcelain baby booties.
 We also open a new Christmas story book on Christmas Eve and that is our bedtime story.  This year's book was "Olivia Helps with Christmas."
The girls loved their nightgowns last year so I made them nightgowns again this year.  Not for Gideon though, he got some pajama pants and an appliqued onesie.
 Afterwards the girls got to decorate a gingerbread house with their aunts.
Before bed Lily and Charlotte put some cookies, an orange, and some milk on a stool by the tree for Santa Clause.  They took a while to fall asleep after being sent to bed, but what else could be expected.

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