Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 17- Making Borax Snowflakes

Just one more week until Christmas.  Can you believe it?  Gideon is ready, he just wants to open presents.
Our scripture for the day came from Luke 15:4-7.  This is the parable of the lost sheep, and one of my favorites.  Jesus didn't spend all of his time surrounded by his righteous followers, he also spent time with the sinners, sought them out, and drew them in.  No one is excluded from His love and neither should anyone be excluded from our love and friendship.

 Today we made borax snowflakes.  We made these last year and they were super quick, simple, and a lot of fun.  They however do not keep so we decided to make some more this year.  All you need are some pint sized jars filled with hot water, borax (1/3 c. per jar), pipe cleaners, and some string and pencils.  Since I add borax to the laundry all of this stuff was already in the home and ready to use.
 I let the girls play with the pipe cleans to make some shapes while I "helped" Gideon make his.
 Lily called hers "squirlies" and Charlotte made tear drops.
 My cute assistant munching away at his cheerios.
 We put them in the jars with the string connecting them to the pencils.  You don't want them to touch the sides or the bottom.  We made these around 4:00 this afternoon.
 By 8:30 the crystals were already pretty well formed.  We'll take them out in the morning, let them dry, and then put them up on the tree.

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