Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2nd- Donating Toys

This evening we finally got around to our advent calendar.  The girls picked out the star envelope for the day and we went downstairs to open it.  Having a little piece of chocolate in there is nice because it means that the girls sit quietly while Tyson reads the scripture for the day. 
Today's passage was from Luke 7:36-50.  In this passage Christ is at a home for supper when a woman comes in and washes his feet.  It is said that if he knew the type of woman that she was he would not allow it.  Christ chastises them for saying so and tells the woman that her sins are forgiven.  Today's lesson was that Christ was forgiving.

For our activity today we went through the toys in the playroom and I had the girls each select a few to donate.  I was wondering how this would go.  My girls are a bit possessive of their toys and I would like to teach them charity.  At first Lily said that she didn't want to give away her toys.  When I explained that some children are not so lucky and don't have toys to play with Lily's demeanor changed.   Charlotte followed along with her sister and before long there was a small pile of toys ready to give away. 
I had them bag up the toys and we put them in the car to drop off at the DI tomorrow while we are out.  I'm thankful that they chose to give.
Gideon is still a little small to participate in these activities, but we love having him with us.

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