Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16- Make Christmas Cookies

Some day are just busier than others and this was one of them.  Actually, I'm not sure that today was busy, it was just difficult.  Gideon is having a difficult time teething which means that I am not getting much sleep at all.  Oh well, the day keeps going and I keep going with it.

Today we read the parable of the sower from Luke 5:5-16.  We learn here that Jesus taught with stories, and why he taught with stories.  It is a very effective method for those who are willing and ready to learn.

For our activity we made Christmas cookies.  At first I planned to let the kids cut out shaped and everything, but I was exhausted!  So instead we tried another new method.  We rolled red and white dough out and then rolled it up together.  I should have chilled the dough first.  I'll do better next time.
They came out really well though, very soft and delicious because almond sugar cookies are just the best.
Lily was happy with them.
And Charlotte couldn't be bothered to smile, she was too busy eating.
And yes, it isn't unusual for my kids to wear dress-up clothes over their pajamas.

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