Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 1st- Decorating the Tree

December has come again and in this house that means that it is time for our advent activities to begin.  This Year, rather than having a chain I decided to create something a bit more permanent and came up with the Christmas Box.  In this little chest there are 24 star-shaped envelopes that hold a couple of little treats for the kids as well as a scripture for the day and an advent activity as we get ready for Christmas.
 For our scriptures we are reading each day about the attributes of Christ.  Today we read from Luke 8:41-56.  In this passage Jesus raised the daughter of Jarius from the dead.  We learn from this that Christ was compassionate.
 Every December 1st our activity is to set up and decorate the Christmas tree.  The girls were so excited and hounded us about it all day long!
 Charlotte preferred to localize her efforts and Gideon watched.  I'm sure that he is wondering what on earth is going on.  Tyson laid him under the tree looking up at the lights and he was in awe!
 Lily was very focused on her work and for some reason felt the need to wear her daddy's tie with her dress.
 It is fun when the kids decorate the tree, you never know what you will end up with.  I might leave Charlotte's section alone, for a day or two, then I might have to balance out the tree before I lose my mind. 
I'm excited for tomorrow's activity.  I'm very curious to see how the girls will respond when I tell them what we will be doing.

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