Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow Day

This morning Gideon decided to be up for the day around 4:45 am.  I looked out the window to discover 3 inches of snow on the ground.
 Gideon played quietly in the living room while I got some work done and everyone else slept.  He finally noticed the Christmas tree and was transfixed!
 When the girls woke up I mentioned the snow.  They ran to the window and asked right then if they could go outside and make a snowman.  It was still dark.  I made them wait until the sun came up and after we had breakfast.  As soon as we were done with our German pancakes they were off to get suited up for the snow.
 It was so clod that the snow is powdery, not good for a snowman at all, but that didn't stop them from trying.
 We didn't play in the snow much last year so this was Charlotte's first real snow experience.
 Lily loved it!  I had to make her come in before she was frozen through.
They were sweet though, Tyson had to go to work so the girls went over to his pick-up to try and help clean it off for him.  They couldn't reach much, but at least his headlights were clean.

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