Thursday, December 5, 2013

December 5- Make Christmas Cards

Less than 20 days until Christmas and not a single gift has been wrapped.  They are almost all made or purchased, but I haven't touched the wrapping paper yet.  Time to get on that!

Our scripture passage that we read today was from Mark: 35-41.  In this passage Christ calms the stormy sea.  From this scripture we learn that Jesus had power over the elements.  He was powerful and we should have faith in his power in our lives

Today we made Christmas cards for our grandparents for our advent activity.  My girls are still young so we didn't do anything fancy.  I printed off some coloring pages for them and they went to work.
 Lily takes her coloring very seriously.
 Charlotte just likes to move her pencil across the page.
  Lily wrote little messages inside them and signed her name as well as Charlotte and Gideon's for them.
Gideon played with us while we colored.  He is working really hard on learning to sit up on his own and he is so happy about it.

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  1. That looks like fun! I might have to do that with my girls =)