Sunday, December 15, 2013

December 15- Make Christmas Candies

This morning went very smoothly.  Gideon didn't sleep well, I blame that tooth that is working its way through his gums, so I was up early, but not nearly as early as the other day.  He did however take a wonderful nap this morning to during that time we pulled out our star for the day.  Today we read from Matthew 6:9-13 which is The Lord's Prayer.  Lily caught on very quickly and as soon as Tyson finished reading she told us that Jesus was saying a prayer.  This is where Christ teaches us the proper way to pray.

Today for our activity we were to make Christmas candy.  The girls helped me add ingredients to the pot, watched it cook, and kept me company while I waited for everything to come to temperature.  I had Tyson beat the fudge for me because my hands were full and the fudge turned out so smooth I think that I'll have him beat it for me every time from here on out.  
The caramel turned out a little soft so we will be chilling it, cutting it, and then dipping it in chocolate tomorrow.

Since I didn't take any pictures of the kids helping me make the candy I figured that I'd give a preview of them in their Christmas dresses/outfit.  Ever since I finished sewing and knitting these Lily has been asking every week if they can wear them and today I decided that they could.  We even took the time to curl their hair and I think that they are the most adorable girls in the world!
Apparently sewing for boys can be fun too!  Look at this dapper little guy, how much cuter can they get.  He was too fixated on the lights on the Christmas tree to look at the camera.

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  1. Oh my gosh those outfits are absolutely ADORABLE!