Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 10- Grinch Night

Today was one of those days where even though we got up early and jumped into our work right away, I was seriously concerned that there was going to be time to get everything essential done.  Big due dates for big projects and I was a bit overwhelmed.  We made it though.  Everything that had to be done got done and so by 7:00 pm I could breathe again.  Thankfully the activity that I had planned for today was an easy one.

Before Tyson left for class we selected our star for the day and read our scripture.  The scripture came from Luke 6: 12-16.  In this passage Jesus selects his apostles from his many followers.  We learn from this passage that Christ was a leader.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas has always been one of my very favorite Christmas stories so tonight our advent activity was readying the story and then watching the movie.
We sat up to the kitchen table and while the girls ate their who-pudding and Gideon munched on a cracker I read them the story.  Lily was confused at first.  She asked how anyone could steal Christmas.
 After we were done with the story we headed downstairs and turned on the old animated movie. I've always loved the way that Boris Karloff narrates the story and I was excited to share it with my children.  Gideon played with the DVD case and was perfectly content while the girls and I sat and watched.

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