Saturday, December 7, 2013

December 7- Nutcracker Night

This morning started way too early.  Again Gideon decided to be awake for the day before 5am  so I got up with him so I have spent most of the day very tired and just grateful to be spending it at home.  This evening we pulled out the Christmas box and read our passage for today which came from Luke 10:38-42.  In these verses Jesus is at the home of his friends Martha and Mary.  Martha is busy being the good hostess and is annoyed at Mary for just sitting there, talking to Jesus.  When she complains Jesus tells her that she should be sitting with him also because he would not always be there.  Jesus loved his friends.

Tonight was our Nutcracker night.  After we read our scripture together we sat down and read Ella Bella Ballerina and The Nutcracker.  Lily already has some other Ella Bella books and she loves them so this was a fun surprise for both girls when I brought it out.  it is a cute little story summarizing the ballet.
After reading we sat down in the living room with pictures to color from The Nutcracker as well as some candied popcorn and some milk.
 I turned on The Nutcracker ballet and we watched the movie while coloring and eating our treats.
Gideon tried to get in on the coloring but he mostly just dumped the pencil box out over and over again.  When we were finished and it was time to clean it all up Lily was pretty sure that Gideon should have to clean up most of the pencils since he dumped them out.
 Lily was very proud of her coloring job. She loves to make everything multi-colored.
 Charlotte also wanted a picture with her coloring, however she chose one that she has just started with so it is still pretty blank.
We had a fun night.  Both of my girls fell asleep cuddled up with me on the couch watching the short little Mickey Mouse version of The Nutcracker after the ballet was finished.

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  1. How fun is that!? I guess I never thought of coloring sheets to go with the story =)