Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 3- Write a Letter to Santa

We were so busy today!  We had preschool this morning and since I am teaching this week I spent the morning preparing, then  teaching, then making lunch, helping type up a paper for Tyson, heading off to the hospital to visit a new nephew, going grocery shopping, and finally get back home for dinner and our advent activity.

Today we started out our advent activity by reading a passage from John 4: 46-53.  In this passage Christ heals the nobleman's son when he is approached about a child who is at home and ill.  From these scriptures we learn that Jesus had the power to heal.

For our activity we sat down and wrote letters to Santa, and dew pictures for him.
 Lily did a great job writing all of the words herself!  I loved this template for a letter because it asked them to name some of the nice things that they have done for their family and friends.  Also, they request not only an item for themselves, but something that they would like a friend to receive.  I love that even in writing the letter they are asked to think about others.
 Charlotte just wanted to color the page so not much of her letter was filled out.
We made peppermint marshmallow popcorn to munch on while we worked on our letters and it was delicious!  I highly recommend the Jet Puffed peppermint flavored marshmallows, they are so tasty!
 Gideon wasn't interested in our letter writing, but chose rather to spend some time planking.
 He is trying so hard to crawl properly and can get very frustrated, but this evening he was so cheery.

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  1. Your kids are so cute!! Where did you get the letter template? I liked ours this year. Worked well. But yours sounds really good too!!