Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9- Stained Glass

Today's scripture passage came from John 13: 3-17.  In this passage Jesus washed the feet of his disciples in Peter's home.  From these scriptures we lean that Christ was humble.  We are all called to serve those around us.

When I was looking for some new ideas for our advent calendar this year I saw an idea on Pinterest where they made "stained glass windows" using contact paper and tissue paper.  It seemed like a very simple activity and looked like fun.  I cut some Christmas themed silhouettes out on my Cameo and  stuck them on some contact paper.  the girls then set to work placing pieces of tissue paper all over the contact paper.
 Lily was really excited about it and set right to work.
 Charlotte followed her sister, but eventually got bored of it and asked Lily to finish hers while she watched.
 I think that their final products turned out really cute.
 It will be fun to see how they look tomorrow when the sun is out.

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