Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring is Coming!

I've been working on cleaning out my flower beds and I found these.  Crocuses have always been a favorite of mine, not because they are particularly beautiful, but because they mean Spring is coming.  They promise that Winter is almost over.  They are that ray of sunshine that breaks through the dreariness.
 I decided to eschew housework today and instead work in the yard.  It was sunny and my bulbs and some perennials are starting to come through which means that the remaining leaves and such left from last year need to be cleaned out.

One of my first jobs however was to add the baby swing t the swing set so that the kids could all swing together.  Lily was good to push Gideon and Charlotte and after a morning of bickering it was so wonderful to see them play so well together.  I think that we all just need to be outside.
 This was Gideon's first time in the swing and he loved it, even if it was a pink swing.

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  1. Your kids love the swings too. Loving this springlike weather. =)