Friday, March 7, 2014

Loving the Legos

My girls love Legos.  They have been building with the sets that Lily received for Christmas quite a bit and last week while we were shopping for a gift for their cousin they saw a set from the movie Brave.  They were so excited, asked for it, and I told that they needed to save up their own money for it.  The next day Charlotte brought me her birthday money and asked if we could go get the Merida Legos.  I told her that she didn't have enough quite yet.  The following day it came up again and Lily and Charlotte brought me their piggy banks and asked if they could go get it.  They were still a few dollars short, but I decided to take them to get the Lego set.  Charlotte gave the cashier their money then I paid the rest.  As soon as we got home they set up to the kitchen table and got right to work.
Charlotte helped from time to time, when she took a break from playing with the Merida figure and the 3 little bear brothers.
I'm really impressed with their ability to follow the illustrated instructions.  They needed help sometimes, but did most of the work themselves.
The finished the entire project and were really proud of what they made.  They only gave me cheesy fake smiles for the picture though.  They just wanted to go play with the Legos and mom was making them take a picture.
Gideon didn't get to play along, I keep him far away from the Legos, but that didn't matter to him, he was still happy.

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  1. Its so fun to watch them really go for something they love and see them love it as much as they dreamed they would.