Thursday, July 23, 2009


In January I had the ultrasound where I found out that the baby that we were expecting would be a girl. As soon as she told me that it was girl I got this image in my head of Tyson working out in his garden with a 2 year-old little girl that was dressed up like her daddy helping him pull the weeds. I don't know why, but that image popped in my head and made me smile.
Well, Tyson has a bit of a summer uniform, cargo shorts and a white t-shirt, often with a bandana on his head. So, when I was about 7 months along a saw this little pair of camo cargo shorts and I bought them for Tyson and Lily.
This morning I slept in a bit while Tyson took care of Lily. Part of this morning care involved dressing her. He came back into our room this morning and this is what she looked like.I guess that this is her little punk "don't mess with me" face.


  1. Ha! How cute is that?! What a cutie you've got...lily I mean ;)

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! That is awesome!!