Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Redfish Lake

We decided that it was time to take Lily on her first camping trip so Monday morning we drove up to Redfish Lake. Since she is only 2 months old we just went for one night. It was a lot of fun. We mostly just relaxed and then Tuesday morning went for a nice hike. We didn't really plan in advance so thankfully we were able to get a campsite. Lily was all bundled up for the night. She managed really well, especially since it was below 40 degrees that night. Oscar did amazingly well! He had a blast during our hikes and he loved meeting new people.
These are a couple of views from our campsite.
Sunrise on Tuesday morning.
We hiked up along this creek on Tuesday morning and my goodness it was beautiful!
A view of the lake from our hike.
A shot of the beautiful Sawtooth Mountains.

Lily had a blast!Since this little trip went so well we are planning a few more. These are so many fabulous places to go camping and hiking around here, I love living in Idaho!

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  1. Talk about a rush of homesickness! The photos are GORGEOUS! It makes me miss my summer campouts with my dad growing up. I haven't gone camping since... gosh, I think I was 17! That's 8 years! (I was a leader at girls camp but in our stake, we all stayed in cabins with bunkbeds and had flush toilets. I hardly think that qualitfies as camping.)