Sunday, July 12, 2009

...Two Months...

Time continues to just fly by and today our little Lily is two months old.

She continues to grow more and more everyday. I find myself wondering where my newborn baby went. She smiles more and more every day now and loves to talk to just about anyone or anything.

Just like last month, I made another little onesie to mark her growth.
The Front:The Back:And here is Miss Lily modeling it for us:
Showing off the front and her precious smile:The back and her little tush:And with her little bear:I took one last month with her bear and I plan to do that each month so that we can really see how she has grown.


  1. I never would have considered you a person who would use the word "tush," but I guess I was wrong.

  2. Her little tush is pretty dang cute! I love that idea, wish I'd thought of or done something like that.