Saturday, July 25, 2009

Swimming Pool Fun

This afternoon Lily and I went swimming with some of my family. We went to Eric's uncle's house in Kuna and played around in their family pool and it was so much fun. Along with Sarita, Eric and Junior, we had Ali and Chaz as well has my four youngest brothers.This is my nephew Junior with his daddy and he is just cuter every day. In the back is Ali and her husband Chaz who it holding my youngest brother, Jack.This is my older sister Sarita with our brother Josh.It was Lily's first time swimming in anything other than the bathtub and she did great. She kicked around for about an hour and wore herself out. This is our little bathing beauty. Her uncle Jack borrowed her hat for a little and it was rather hot and bright outside, but we managed to not get a sunburn, or even a bit pink.We really did have a lot of fun. We'll have to find another time to go when Tyson isn't working.

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  1. Lily is SO cute! I love her little polkadot swimsuit! We have a special little floaty for Jonathan to swim in and got it super cheap @ Rite Aid. Jonthan is able to float and kick for a couple hours so we can have a break and swim and not worry about his being too slippery to hold with sunscreen on. It has a special little sun shade attatched and he'll be able to use it for another year or two. Just thought I'd let you know! We love ours!