Monday, August 29, 2011

Kesler Family Reunion

This last weekend was spent up in Donnelly with my family. Everyone was there, well, almost everyone, Eric is still in Iraq. It was a lot of fun to have everyone together, kinda crazy, but tons of fun!
We love to spend time on the lake and mom and dad brought up a boat and jet ski.
I don't go behind boats anymore, not since a prop tried to cut my foot off about a decade ago, but I love to ride in them.
After a long day in the sun we relaxed together and watched a movie. We rented out a home right off the lake.

My girls got to play with their cousins. Charlotte and Carolyn played together quite a bit. However Carolyn likes to put her hands in peoples' mouths and Charlotte likes to bite anything in can guess what happened.
Lily ended up a little sick an spent quite a bit of time the second day sleeping.
Friday afternoon a few of us decided to go into McCall for a little while. Charlotte just chilled in her stroller.
We got Lily a marshmallow dipped in chocolate, it turned out to be a huge mess.
Thankfully we came upon this little fountain as we walked by the beach so Lily ran over to wash up.

When we got back to the house we relaxed and just enjoyed everyone's company. Charlotte tried to eat her feet,
while Lily and Tyson read her bedtime story.
Also this weekend we got to meet Liz's new baby, Grace. On Sunday afternoon the family got together at our parents' house for her blessing.
Lily was still feeling icky so we just cuddled most of the afternoon.

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