Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Swimming with my girls

This evening I took the girls swimming over at Lakeview park again and I remembered to bring my camera this time. We go to this pool probably every other week, but I'm usually too busy to take any pictures. This evening there weren't a lot of people at the pool so I pulled out the camera for a few minutes.

Charlotte loved to stand in the water.
She was less certain when I sat her down in it, but didn't fuss at all.
Mostly she liked to sit at the edge of the water and play.
She watched the little waves as they came up to her.
She is so much happier now that she can sit on her own.
Lily was all over the place. 2/3 of the pool is between 1 foot and 1-1/2 feet deep so Lily can go all over the place. She stands on her tiptoes to move the elephant sprayer that is on the little island.
There is also a splash pad that she enjoys.
Running under the waterfall.
And playing with the sprays.
There is a giant turtle that she likes to climb, or at least try to climb.
Today she finally managed to get to the top.
The girls had a blast playing in the water and now they are both sound asleep so mommy can get some rest.

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