Sunday, August 28, 2011

....Six Months....

I'm a day late on this one. We were out of town for our Kesler family reunion, but we got home today and we got Charlotte's six months pictures taken.

Yesterday our Lottie Lou turned six months old. She has grown so much over these late six months and the time has passed so quickly. I've still been thinking of Charlotte as my brand new baby girl, but after spending the weekend with my sister and her one-month-old daughter Grace I realized just how much Charlotte has grown up already.
She is such a happy child, most of the time, and loves to smile and anyone who smiles at her. She also loves her feet. She grabs them, plays with them, and occasionally bites them...and then cries.
Charlotte is not quite crawling yet, but she manages to scoot around to get to whatever she wants. She'll be crawling any day now.
She has been trying out this position for crawling, but it hasn't been working out well. Nice form though, she is going to be a yoga master.
Lottie has mastered sitting up on her own now. She loves to sit up and look around.
And smile, did I mention that she loves to smile?
She is ALWAYS on the move, always. She doesn't just sit on a lap, cuddle in your arms, she is always trying to get somewhere.
Have you ever read the "Series of Unfortunate Events" books? Charlotte is my own little Sunny Baudelaire. She loves to bite anything that she can, all of the time.
Over the last couple of weeks Charlotte got her first ear infection. We have been giving her antibiotics and she seems to be feeling better, she is thankfully sleeping better which makes everyone happier.

We love our baby girl! She is such a blessing in our home!

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