Saturday, August 6, 2011

Learning her Letters

I'm not the type of mom to just randomly go buy my girls toys. However a few days ago I left the morning for a couple of hours to get some quiet time and I stumbled upon this foam mat on clearance for $7. Who could pass that up? Lily loves the alphabet and I thought that she would enjoy the mat.
When I got home I handed the container to her and she unzipped it pulled out the pieces. I put it together and she was so excited!
Charlotte loves it too, the colors and textures are interesting to her and she scoots all over it, because she does that these days. She can push herself up onto all fours and is going to be crawling in the next few weeks.
They played very nicely together!
This is what Lily does with her letters, I love how excited she is! I really don't know how she learned them, we read together and she has some ABC books, but we never really worked on learning them. I was very surprised a few weeks back to find out how many she knew.

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  1. Her enthusiasm rocks!! :-) I think she was trying to spell her name with the L and the I. She's a smart cookie!! I love how the baby just chills the whole time, sucking on the mat. You've got some cute kids.