Wednesday, July 27, 2011

....Five Months....

Today our Charlotte is 5 months old!

She is learning to do all kinds of new things everyday. She can now sit up on her own for a little while. Sometimes she props herself up with her hands, but she can sit unsupported and is getting better and better at it every day. Lottie has her first two teeth, they came in a few days after she turned four months old, and she loves to chew and bite. She laughs and smiles all the times and loves to "talk" to anyone that will look at her.

She is getting so much bigger too, we are phasing out her 3-6 month clothing and starting to pull out the 6-9 month wardrobe. The only problem is that all of our baby girl clothes that size are for Fall and Winter so we have to pick up a few new things to get us through August.

Here is our little Lottie in her 5 months onesie!
It is getting so hard to get pictures of her on her back because she would rather roll around or play with her toes.
And here is our Charlotte with her piggy. She is such a cutie!
Lily climbed up onto the chair to sit with her while we were taking her picture.
Lottie loves the Jumperoo and has mastered catching the parrot.
Also, a couple of days ago we started giving Charlotte cereal. She has been grabbing at everyone else's food when we sit down to eat and trying to get it into her mouth so we decided that it was time. She liked it, but did not eat much. We'll keep working with the cereal for the next few weeks and then we will start in on some veggies.
Could someone please tell father time to slow down a bit, my babies are growing up way too fast!

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