Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Normal Week

With two little girls every day brings something new and this week we have had a lot of fun.

Lily has started playing dress-up. I'm not sure where she picked this up, she has never played dress-up anywhere, but she is loving it. Earlier this week I had her half dressed, clean shirt but she still wanted her pajama pants on, when she came to me wanting to wear her apron and matching kerchief. She was playing "mommy". This is not what mommy dresses like, I promise! I get dressed every morning, I only wear an apron occasionally, and very rarely do I wear a kerchief.
She played like this for a while.
The next day we had her appointment with her SLP and Lily insisted that with the rest of her outfit she needed this little skirt. It was actually kinda cute.

An update on our meetings with the SLP, things are going well. We have changed to going every other week because Lily is making some great advances. They seem small, but they are big steps. Lily has started to eat peanuts, almonds, and carrots. She is starting to put new foods in her mouth, she is even licking a lot of food, though not eating it yet. Her diet hasn't expanded much yet, but we are getting there. We just need to keep working on it.
Lily loves to color, she LOVES it, even at the park.
Lottie is also gaining new skills every day. Her new favorite thing is to stick her tongue out. She loves to razz and play with her tongue. She is also playing with her feet now.
Charlotte is getting more and more mobile and it is just naughty! I can lay her on the floor and she will be across the room in a minute. I snapped this picture and by the time that I stood up she was 3 feet away. She can also spin herself around and get toys that are out of reach.

I can't decide who Charlotte looks like. She isn't looking as much like Lily as she used to, she is growing into her own little person.
I LOVE watching my girls play together. Of course Charlotte doesn't play much at this point, but when she sees Lily she smiles big and watches her play. Lily loves to take care of her sister, she is always bringing her toys, blankets or anything else that she might like.

The other day I framed a little picture of the two of them and Lily carried it around with her all day. I laid Lottie on the floor to play and Lily brought the picture and put it in front of Charlotte and laid next to her.
She laid there for a while playing with her, then she would get up and do something else, and then come back to Charlotte. This was another sweet moment that I caught.
This afternoon while I was doing the dishes I turned on a movie for Lily and when I looked into the living room this is what I saw. Lily had her arm around her at first, but then switched to hold her hand.
I love how much they love each other. They are the sweetest little sisters and I hope that they grow up to be good friends. They've had a great start.

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