Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day!

We had a great time yesterday celebrating the 4th of July!
We went to Settlers' Park in the afternoon with friends and let the kiddos play. As always Lily had a blast in the water.
She kept trying to get a hold of this water to drink it.
Charlotte lounged in the shade with me and the other grown-ups.
She was happy though.
My little sister Hailey came with us.
Apparently to eat and apple it must first be place on a fork.
Around 9 o'clock we left the park and went to my parents' house. Their neighborhood gets together and does fireworks and shares treats. Lily needed my sunglasses I guess.
The last couple of years I had pretty much stayed home on the 4th because Tyson always has to work and going somewhere alone never appealed to me. It was so nice to get to be out with friends celebrating such a wonderful holiday.

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