Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's working, it's working, it's working!

Lily's therapy is really working! This afternoon for lunch I made chicken cream cheese rolls. I've made them before and last time Lily played with it a bit, eventually took a bite, but then stopped when she got to the filling. Today she played for a while, eventually took a bite, and then ate almost all of it! It was so exciting to me to watch her eat a new food item. She also ate half of a tortilla pizza a few nights ago and is playing with other food items more and more. I keep serving veggies, she only eats carrots (YAY!), but I'm not to stressed about them right now because I sneak enough veggies into her diet that she is getting the nutrients that she needs. But new protein and entrees are a big deal around here because they are the hardest to get her to eat.

Also, Lily's "Big Girl" sticker chart is working as well. Lily gets so excited to get to put a sticker on her chart when she accomplishes on her her tasks. This morning she accomplished a new on, she PEED IN THE POTTY! You know that your life is consumed by parenting when your toddler peeing in the potty is the highlight of your week. I don't mind, I'm very excited about it. We aren't hitting potty training hard this week because I'm going to be very busy, but next weekend we are diving in head first!

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  1. diving in head first? Into the potty? Eeeeewwww! Sorry, I couldn't resist!

    Best of luck! And congrats on a successful week!