Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bath Time

Bedtime is something that I look forward to every day. I love my girls, I love playing with them and caring for them, but it can be exhausting work so when 8 o'clock rolls around I'm excited.

Part of our bedtime routine includes baths, usually, unless mommy is really tired and just not up for bathing two little girls by herself. My girls LOVE to take baths! If I need to kill 30 minutes before bedtime a long bath always does the trick. The other night I managed to take a few pictures while they played in the tub.

We piled onto Lily's bed for stories, another part of our routine, and Lily held Charlotte while I read to them.
This is probably my new favorite picture of the two of them together. They are such sweet sisters! Charlotte's face brightens up and she smiles so big when Lily plays with her, and Lily just loves to play with and help take care of her baby sister.

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