Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Morning at the Lake

For playgroup on Tuesday morning we went out to Lake Lowell.  It is close to home and on weekday mornings it is very quiet.  We've been there a few times already this summer, but I usually forget to bring my camera.  This time I remembered.

Gideon cuddled with me.  I dipped his feet in the water, but he was content to cuddle and smile on my lap.  He then fell asleep which made it easier for me to take care of my girls.
 He sure is a happy little man.

His hats are all starting to fit him, which is great because we need to protect his sweet little head from the sun.
 When we go to the lake my girls spend most of their time playing in the sand.
 This time though Lily spent a great deal of time looking for sea shells.  In the end she collected rocks and called them sea shells.  Someday we'll go to a beach where she can really collect sea shells, like her dad.  The only souvenirs that we brought back from our honeymoon were sea shells.  Tyson would pick a couple up on each beach that we visited.
I'm not certain what this game was.
She just filled up the star with sand and then went and dropped it in the lake one shovel-full at a time.
  Charlotte watered the water.
And had a great time doing it.
 Sweet and happy children, at least at time these photos were taken.  They were tired on the way home which meant crankiness from all.  Thankfully the next item on our agenda was naps.


  1. Looks like fun! Waylon is fascinated by sea shells and has been begging me to take him a beach to find some. Lol I love reading your blog and the boys love seeing their cousins and what they're up to! Gideon is sooo cute! Sounds like you're having a great summer!