Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lakeview Pool

Last Tuesday the girls asked if we could go to the pool.  I decided that we would wait and go in the evening after Tyson got home from work.  He came home to find the girls in their suits waiting at the front door for him.  I had packed a picnic dinner so we waited for him to change his clothes and then we were off.
 We love this little local pool, the girls always have so much fun.
 This is how Charlotte swims.
 Lily swims the same way.  Next summer we will do real swimming lessons.

 Because Tyson has worked evenings for the last four years I usually take the kids to the pool by myself.  It was great having the help and he enjoyed playing with his little girls.
 We put Gideon's feet in the water, but for the most part he hung out in the shade and slept.

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  1. My girls LOVE the water. I am convinced that they are part fish! We need to do swimming lessons too!!