Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fourth of July 2013

We spent the days leading up to the Fourth of July in Garden Valley at the Kesler Family Reunion.  When the ladies in my family get together, we tend to get a little crafty and this year we made Independence Day shirts for our children.  They turned out rather cute!
 I think that Gideon might just like his Captain America inspired shirt.  I know that his daddy does.
 The girls sure like kissing him.
In the evening our friends the Jenkins family came over for some grilling, water play, and fireworks.  Our kids love playing together and we like hanging out so it works out well.
 Here's my handsome husband and our handsome son.
 The kids chose to watch the fireworks from the hammock.  I was jealous, had they not taken the spot I would have!
 Lily likes to pose, but not look or smile at the camera.
 It took a little while, but Charlotte really enjoyed the sparklers.
 We took a little break from fireworks and the kids went back to playing.
 Tyson has always had to work on the Fourth so he really enjoyed getting to be home and do fireworks with his children.
 This is why we don't spend a lot of money on fireworks, sparklers are much more fun and exciting then the bigger ones.
 And Gideon slept.

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