Friday, December 12, 2014

December 12th- Jingle Bell Streamers.

I am thankful for the Pinterest because I don't have to come up with these activities all on my own.  Today we made jingle bell streamers.  My kids love to dance, or in Gideon's case run, and making noise is a favorite pastime so we combined both passions in this activity.  We threaded pony beads and bells on pipe cleaners.
 Gideon even helped!   Look at those fine motor skills!
 I love when a fun activity also helps with their development.  These fine motor activities will make writing so much easier for them.
Once we had the beads and bells on them we attached the ends to make rings and then added some long ribbons.  The girls danced and sang with theirs for a while.  
Gideon on the other hand just chucked it around the room.

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