Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 4th- Grinch Night

Today's advent scripture again came from Luke, this time it was Luke 2:40-52.  This passage tells the story of the boy Jesus in the temple.

Our activity for the day was our first of four story and a movie nights.  I love the story of the Grinch!  Since I love it every December one of our activities is a Grinch Night.  We read the book, make some goodies, and sit down together and watch the old animated movie (the new live action one is just creepy).
For refreshments during the movie we had green grinchy popcorn balls and some snowflake cookies.
 My children all seem to enjoy the movie and we will certainly read the book several more times this month.

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  1. We love that book too! And I completely agree about the creepiness of the live movie.