Friday, December 5, 2014

December 5th- Ward Christmas Party

Some days start out really well and others start out with you hating everyone on the planet for no particular reason.  Yup, that was how my day was.  I just wanted to hide in my bedroom, in the quiet, away from everyone.  I needed a break, badly, and unfortunately that was just not going to happen at all.  So I scaled back, simplified where I could, and we survived.  So I apologize for the lack of photos and details in this post.

Our scripture for the day came from Matthew 3:13-17, which is the story of Jesus Christ's baptism by John the Baptist.  Lily gets really excited anytime we talk about baptism and she loves to tell me all about it.

Our activity for the day was to go to our ward (church) Christmas party.  We were asked to bring a side dish and since Lily is the pickiest eater on the planet and I know that she would eat nothing there I had her pick the side dish that we would bring.  She wanted to make a fruit salad.  She made a list of the things that we would need and then we headed out to the store to pick them up.
The grocery carts with 3 seats are a life saver!
We came back home, made our salad, and went to the party.  Unfortunately I had a meeting set for 7:00 pm and Gideon was being awful (meaning he was acting like an 18 month old boy that is being forced to sit at a table for 45 minutes straight) so we had to leave early.  I'm sure that the rest of it went well, but is was not a fun experience for a mom there with three little kids to manage all by herself.  It might have been that I was already super grumpy walking in though...

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  1. Sorry it wasn't too much fun for mom. Glad the kids had fun shopping for it at least. Letting them be involved is so important in getting them happy about the store.