Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 14th- Christmas Puzzle

 Today was rough at our home.  Gideon woke up rather sick at 3:00 this morning and would only be calm if I held him.  I didn't get him to sleep again until 6:00 and by then the girls were awake.  I went back to bed a for a little while, but Gideon didn't sleep for too long and Charlotte woke up sick as well.  So we stayed home today and took is very easy.  I had planned a much more crafty/involved activity for today but no one was up to it so we traded activities with another day.

Today's scripture came from Mark 2:1-12 where Christ cured the man of palsy.  After reading the passage I asked Lily if she knew what that story was about and she said it was Jesus healing a sick person.  She really loves her scripture stories and remembers them well.

For our activity today we did a Christmas puzzle.  I purchased this one last year so we had it on hand and the girls really enjoyed working on it.
 Charlotte started out really struggling, but she caught on quickly.
Gideon had no interest in participating.  He just wanted to cuddle with me which tells me that he is not feeling well at all.  This boy never stops moving so when he does there has to be something wrong.
 While Gideon rested the girls kept working on finished their 100 piece puzzle.
 I love these girls!  The puzzle says 6+ but my 3 year-old and 5 year-old mastered it.

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  1. Great job girls!! Hopefully the little man is feeling better.