Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st- Decorating the Tree

It is December 1st so in the Hansen Home it is time to start our Advent activities as we count down the days until Christmas.  The weather decided to prove that it was in fact December so we were hit with some very wet snow.
Since on the first we always decorate the boxes were all pulled down and I set up my decorations.  My Nativity set tripled in size this year and I love it! 
 During nap time and quiet time I set up the tree and got it ready for the children to decorate later that afternoon.
 Once everyone was ready we pulled out our first pillow box out of our Christmas box.  The children each got a little treat while I read the scripture for the day.  Today was read about the birth of Christ in Luke 2:1-7.
 After we read our scripture the children went to work putting the ornaments on the tree.
 The concentrated their efforts in one general area.
 But it looks nice.  I'm sure that they will move their ornaments at least a dozen more times between now and Christmas so we'll see how the tree looks in a few weeks.
 They sure are sweet children though and they are so excited for Christmas!

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