Saturday, April 16, 2011

Catching a Smile

I've been trying to catch Charlotte's little smile on camera all week with no success. Every time I picked up the camera she stopped smiling. It could even be sitting right next to me and by the time I grabbed it she was done and would not be coaxed into giving me another one no matter how much a begged.

This morning I determined that today would be the day. I was just going to snap away all day long and I would end up with a great picture. This is what I got:
She started to smile so I snapped a picture quick as I could.
Once she saw the camera this was all I got from her.
Later this evening I got this little half smile.A little later this little grin. Most people probably wouldn't recognize it as a smile, but I've seen this little grin on a lot of my family's faces over the years.And of course when I got the one big grin shot she arched backwards and my camera was a little close so she is a bit washed out.Oh well, I guess that I will just have to keep trying.

*After publishing this post I sat down to feed Charlotte and then put her to bed and as soon as I laid her in my lap she looked at me and just started smiling away. My camera was on the ottoman so I grabbed it and got a beautiful smile!
You might also notice that Lottie has a little skiff of hair on top of her head. She actually has a decently thick layer of white blond fuzz up there. She may not end up being bald for the first few years of her life after all.