Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

This morning we had our Easter egg hunt. Just like last year we met up with some family and friends at Lyon's Park and had a great time having our own little egg hunt.

Last year Lily wasn't even walking yet so this was her first time really participating in the hunt. She loves to pick things up so she went straight for the eggs.
However she was not at all interested in holding her basket. I guess that is what momma is for.
She accidentally broke an egg open and discovered that they were filled with candy. At that point she was no longer interested in gathering more.
Finally carrying her own basket! This lasted for 2 minutes.
Examining her basket of eggs.
She was ready to break right into them, but it was lunch time so she had to wait. I'm not so mean though, I let her have a few jelly beans.
I keep trying to get a picture of Lily and Charlotte smiling together, but well, it just isn't happening. Lily does love to sit and hold her sister though and Lottie is learning to tolerate her better.
She will smile at me though!
I finished the girls' Easter dresses this afternoon (nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?) and I'm so excited to dress them up in them tomorrow for church.

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